Vision - working to understand God's Vision for Trinity

April 19th saw us join together in 12 hours of prayer followed by our Vision event, seeking God's vision for our Church for the next 3 to 5 years.

What a great night we had with some incredible words of encouragment received from God (click here)

We have summarised below the answers to the final two questions each group considered, each answer grouped into one of the Five Fruitful Practices.

Summary Question 3 – are there any specific areas God is calling us to develop or lay aside?

Radical hospitality

  • Unity, building relationships
  • Developing the welcome still further
  • Open door policy on Sunday

Passionate worship

  • Develop the engage concept to morning services
  • Worship leaders/group being sensitive to holy spirit and feeling empowered to go with it
  • Develop 16+ friendly worship every week (speak to youth to see what this looks like)
  • Youth led/friendly service once a month

Intentional faith development

  • Developing our men’s ministry
  • Recognising giftings and encouraging growth and use
  • Family work
  • Youth serving once a month in various roles

Risk taking mission

  • Crossways develop times/menu/outside in summer
  • Interaction with other building users
  • Going out into Long Eaton – listening post/shop/ café/prayer stations
  • Reaching unsaved partners
  • Social activity that attracts “unchurched”
  • Messy developed as a “standalone” mission
  • Marketing strategy/publicity
  • Develop social media/ you tube etc
  • Family work
  • Town centre outreach
  • Hurting world how can we help – links e.g Christians against poverty, Canaan trust

Extravagant giving

  • Administration/developing communications
Summary Question  4 – what should be the priorities of Trinity over next 3 to 5 years?

Radical hospitality

  • Listen to our youth, give them a voice/ quarterly slot at leadership
  • A balanced church, meeting all needs, discipling, social, pastoral etc
  • Extending our welcome beyond new joiners
  • Improving our pastoral care so that all feel valued and welcomed members of our community

Passionate worship

  • A united church, working together, embracing variety and diversity
  • Accessible to youth and young adults building culture of regular worship in church
  • Develop culture of speaking out when prompted by Holy Spirit, and sharing of testimonies
  • Time for reflection built in to morning services where appropriate
  • Jesus focussed in everything we do
  • Develop Engage

Intentional faith development

  • Developing a culture where giftings are recognised and encouraging their growth and use
  • Discipling – ensuring all have opportunities to grow
  • Increase number of house groups
  • 16 to 19 years house group
  • Alpha/ nurture courses
  • Jesus focussed in everything we do
  • Working with families as opposed to children/youth
  • Engage teenagers in meaningful faith development and prayer
  • Develop our men’s ministry

Risk taking mission

  • Define our mission vision - make a mark in Long Eaton, let people know we are here for them
  • Ecumenical – taking lead in strengthening work done with other churches
  • Reach out – stop expecting people to walk through our doors, town centre ministry
  • Social opportunities to offer support/prayer, town centre ministry, coffee shop idea
  • Publicity strategy
  • Working with families as opposed to children/youth
  • Strategy for reaching unsaved partners
  • Address the gap of young adults within church
  • Deeper to change to mainly non-church based opportunity to invite friends to more age relevant and fun activities (including food!)

Extravagant giving

  • Prepared as a church to fund youth/family work
  • Funding administrative role
  • Culture of tithing


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